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Chebe & Black Rice Hair Growth /Detox

Chebe & Black Rice Hair Growth /Detox


8 oz Chebe and Black Rice growth and Detox shampoo, 4 oz Chebe and Black Rice hair grease and 4 oz Healthy Hair Oil and Butter.

Hair butter can vary in color from yellow (unrefined) and white (refined)


  • Description

    Chebe is a combination of herbs that when used as a hair mask, is super moisturizing and hydrating to the hair.  This is a Traditional Chadian Hair Treatment used for centuries by the Bassara Women in Chad to grow long, healthy hair that reached lengths pass their butts.  It is made from all natural ingredients and is a safe and effective hair growth formula that strengthens the hair shaft, reduces breakage and promotes hair growth.  Our Chebe is sourced directly from Ms Sahel in Chad because the ingredients  are the original formula used by the Bassara women.

    Made with Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Rice, Beer and Chebe powder.

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